It is important to us to offer a wide selection of locally sourced products direct from the producer.

We then use these product to create varied dishes, with the ethos of something for everyone no matter what the occasion. We run both a hearty main menu and a specials board daily along with many weekly special event nights supported by the locals. See the menus below for more details.


Weekly Specials


A night celebrating the weeks catch fresh for the weekend - the first to indulge.


Available every Sunday!

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Meet our Chef – Dan Wills, local lad to local man heading the kitchen within his local public house, an achievement many dream of…..

Dan was born in Salisbury and raised in beautiful Ashmore a local village to us, a much visit for any walkers to our area, stunning scenery and rolling hills.

Dan started work for a private catering business from the age of 12 working weekends, watching with an eagle eye honing in on the skills of the trade.

After completing his GCSE’s Dan worked at Rushmore Golf Club as a waiter. Whilst Dan enjoyed the role his beady eyes were on the swing doors, and boy did they swing his way…….. into the kitchen Dan went as a kitchen assistant – the star was born. In the hands of kind owners Dan was put through an apprenticeship at Brockenhurst College and completed his NVQ diploma levels 2,3,4 in professional cookery and hospitality bar management – not just a one trick pony but his burning passion remained his love of cooking.

The owners of the golf club then acquired The Grove and Dan followed them as their sous chef and underwent yet further training, this is one motivated soul. Dan then progressed to a further sous chef role locally, but an adventure was yet to come!

Dan relocated in 2017 to the Isle of Wight to pursue a change of lifestyle, a change in direction and a change in focus. Dan worked at Harrow Lodge a lovely hotel on the island, he enjoyed his days yet found himself returning to Shaftesbury to work for the very private catering company where he started his career, that burning desire to be local, within the countryside surrounded by those he knows and pleasing them with his culinary delights just wouldn’t go away.

2019 saw Dan take a break from being a chef to become an assistant manager of a hotel as he wanted to work out what it really was he wanted to do with his career. Dan needed to find himself and like a lot in the industry found he had lost his way, but it wasn’t long and he realised cooking was still his passion and he had missed it too much.


2021 is seeing Dan launch as our Head Chef and team up with Nina at The Grove to bring excitement to our plates, revitalise the menu and twist classics to reinvent the bible!  To have Dan on board at The Grove makes this destination the ONLY place to be in Shaftesbury……

Dan’s Motivations (in his words)……

"I have been motivated by Fiona who gave me my first job, Julian an old head chef and my grandad who was a good cook and loved cooking. I used to help him a lot when I was really young, baking and peeling vegetables etc. I was lucky to have a supportive family that always told me to follow my dreams and never give up. I guess that was all the motivation I needed to end up where I am today.  

What I love about food for me it's experimenting with different ingredients, herbs spices, meat, poultry, veggies, game etc. I do have a love of desserts and baking. Over lockdown I have grown been perfecting the art of my desserts and baking, so keep an eye out for some special treats on the menu. But over all it’s that satisfaction of taking local fresh ingredients and turning it into something delicious for others to enjoy. Also being able to take classic dishes and putting your own twist on them to make them yours. I find food very exciting and I can't wait to step back into the kitchen again and show 2021 what I've got to offer – look out Ludwell!!!"

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